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"Ultimately, Inkblot Astronaut’s debut release showcases a wonderful mix of genres and an excellent sense of musicianship from two friends who truly deserve to be proud of what they’ve created. I’m very much looking forward to seeing where they take the project in the coming months and am confident they’ll continue to grow at a rapid pace. Highly recommended for any fans of pop-rock, rock n’ roll and funk."

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"The title says it all… this song is a supernatural treasure! “You’re gonna be mine tonight.” – And I totally believe it! This song is boisterous in all the best ways, raw rock power, and vocally delicious. Love the drum/guitar strum interludes in between the chorus and verses. This is the song to lead the way into the Halloween weekend. Full of fear and excitement. I love it so much, I cannot lie! A spooky treat for all to enjoy!"

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Here is a rock band called Inkblot Astronaut and they came out with a new song called "Id2". The song itself has a smooth blend of rhythm and beat, as well as great harmony within the vocals. Enjoy!

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